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Terms and Conditions

KitTea provides a zen-like space for cats and humans alike. Our goal is to rescue at-risk cats and show guests just how social cats can be when doted upon and understood.

(Now, for the part that will satisfy the lawyers).

What is KitTea?

  1. The Tea Lounge is a full Cafe with a variety of speciality teas, beverages, snacks, and meals. There are no cats in the Tea Lounge. Seating is first come, first served. Reservations are not accepted for the Tea Lounge and entrance is free, whereas the Cat Lounge is ticketed. We also have a small gift shop.

  2. The Cat Lounge houses all of our cats. No cats are located outside of the Cat Lounge, per the San Francisco health code. Items ordered from our Tea Lounge may be brought inside of the Cat Lounge (excepting a couple of items that drive the cats bonkers, like our buttery scones).

  3. To provide the best guest experience and environment for the cats we limit the number of guests in the Cat Lounge. While buying advance tickets are not required, it secures your space in the case that the room sells out.

Liability Information

We ask that those visiting the Cat Lounge understand and respect our furry friends. We would also like to minimize any risk of personal injury or property.

(1) Please do not use your hands as toys or poke, continue to pet when cats when they indicate displeasure, or otherwise provoke the cats.

(2) Please understand that visiting the cats is done so at each guest’s own risk.

(3) While cats are majestic, delightful creatures, they can also be unpredictable, have claws, and sharp teeth. Cat scratches and cat bites can be serious, requiring hospitalization in a significant number of cases.

Cat Lounge Visit Details

Relax for nearly an hour (each visit is 55 minutes) in our one-of-a-kind Cat Lounge while enjoying endless refills of any of our premium loose-leaf Japanese green teas.

Cat Lounge Policies

  • The Cat Lounge is a shoes-off environment for the health and safety of the cats.

    • While socks are not required, we recommend them for maximum coziness.

  • Children: 9+ on weekends, 6+ on weekdays

    • At least one adult needs to be present for every three children (12 and under).

    • All ages are welcome in the Tea Lounge.

  • Groups of 8+

    • Celebrating something special? In fairness to other guests in the space, groups of 8 or more are asked to reserve the Cat Lounge as a Private Event. It may sounds silly, but few want to feel as if they’re crashing someone else’s birthday or bachelorette party.

    • See our Private Events page for more information.

    • We may even be able offer discounts for your smaller group (during slower seasons, days, and times).

  • Included Teas

    • A bottomless cup of any of our heirloom, loose-leaf Japanese green tea is included with all hour-long Cat Lounge visits.

    • A selection of additional beverages and food is available as well.

Refund & Rescheduling Policies

Ticket sales are what pay for our cat sanctuary.

While we are ‘yes’ people, we have to make sure we don’t forgo tickets sales due to last-minute cancellations. As such, we try to follow common sense policies similar to a comedy show or a concert (except in our case the band is typically 18 - 26 cats and the music is better than you’d think).

  • While we are unable to guarantee refunds, we are happy to reschedule your 1-hour Cat Lounge visit with at least 24 hours of notice. Special Events, including Yoga Night, Mewvie Night, classes, and other events, can be rescheduled with the notice posted on their individual event pages.

  • With less notice, we will do our very best to accommodate you, but rescheduling is not guaranteed.

  • Same-day rescheduling for slots later in the day is also guaranteed, as it is effectively (a) a cancellation / refund; and (b) a request to buy a new ticket with the refunded money. We will however try to sell your tickets to others and grant the request if yoour tickets sell.

  • Guests running late for their scheduled appointments are of course welcome to enter late and stay for the remainder of their visit; we can’t guarantee extensions but will do our best with the space available in the proceeding hour(s).

  • Unruly guests who are asked to leave are not entitled to refunds.

  • Parties of 8+ are asked to book the Cat Lounge as a private event.

    • Please respect this policy, as it is for the benefit of the other guests who will be sharing this experience.


Thank you in advance for understanding.

If you have questions (and who wouldn’t?) please email or call. We genuinely love to help

More Info

To learn even more about KitTea Cat Cafe and Cat Lounge, visit our Frequently Asked Questions


Email is best:
(415) 658-7888