a shortcut to happiness

Relief for stressed cats (and humans)

We believe that all cats are adoptable. Much like us, they need love, affection, and a space to call home. 

Most cats are not able to handle the stress of living in cages at a shelter; they can shut down, become unfriendly and aggressive, and seem ‘un-adoptable’ (a fast-track to euthanasia).

Picture of two black cats cuddling.

How KitTea Cat Cafe helps benefit cats

We rescue difficult-to-adopt cats, foster and socialize them, and find them forever homes.

World class cat staff and volunteers

Our knowledgeable and supportive staff care for the cats, providing premium quality food and nutrition. Between nightly Weruva paella, Wellness chicken and lobster, etc. – they tend to eat better than us.

Love cats, tea and waffles? Interested in a job at KitTea? Check out our open jobs. We are always looking for cat lovers with a strong sense of ethics to join our Kit-Team