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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to KitTea Cat Cafe?


KitTea Cat Cafe is conveniently located at 96 Gough St. in Hayes Valley. You can get here by public transportation, bike, or car. We are a short walk away from the Van Ness MUNI (5 mins) and Civic Center BART (12 mins) stations as well as several SF Muni bus lines.

If coming by car, please allow yourself extra time to find parking and bring quarters for the meter. An affordable, nearby garage is Performing Arts Garage at 360 Grove Street (+ 5 min walk).

Why do I have to pay to play with cats?

In a purr-fect world, we wouldn't have to pay for high San Francisco rent, taxes, vet bills, food, supplies, and a caring staff. Unfortunately, that is not the utopia we live in and we are a small business with a mission that is sadly not free. That's why we depend on our guests to see the value in our mission and support our small business. In addition, KitTea's Cat Lounge can only fit a limited amount of humans at once.  More people would create a stressful environment for the kitties and would make a bad cat to human ratio, thus the price reflects accordingly to all of the above. 

Our Cat Lounge expurr-ience also comes with a bottomless cup of our four loose leaf Japanese green teas. We offer this as part of the visit because there is literally nothing better than relaxing with a cup of healthy tea in a room filled with sleeping and silly cats. Think of your hour in the Cat Lounge as a spa-like or therapeutic experience (with more cat fur). 

If you'd rather not pay the "cat welfare" admission to enjoy the Cat Lounge (we certainly do not want to purr-ressure any of our guests!), you can simply enjoy our adjacent cafe, which is first come - first served and equally as wonderful, though less soft, furry, and adorable. 

Learn meowr about the benefits of our tea and cats here.

Do I need a reservation!?

Reservations are highly recommended to guarantee your space in the Cat Lounge. Our Cat Lounge has a human capacity of 10-12 people, therefore walk-ins/last minute reservations are accepted only when space is available. Fortunately, it's very easy to make a reservation online or give us a call at (415) 658-7888.

You do not need a reservation to visit the Tea Lounge. Walk-ins are gladly welcome as space permits, and the Tea Lounge has a great view of the cats if you sit up at our marble viewing bar.

Can I bring my own cat?

We understand that the term "cat cafe" can seem deceiving. Unfortunately, the answer is no, we are not a "BYOC(at)" establishment. We are a space that cares for and fosters 11-12 resident and adoptable kitties and we cannot not allow cats from home to be brought into our space. It is in the best interest of your personal cat(s) and the cats under our care at KitTea. 

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

We understand that life happens and sometimes Cat Lounge reservations need to be changed. Please give us at least 48 hours advanced notice and we will happily reschedule Cat Lounge visits and Mewvie Nights. For special events, such as Cats on Mats Yoga, we are unable to reschedule or offer refunds.

All sales are final, meaning cancellations and "no shows" are non-refundable. Please email us at with any re-scheduling requests.

Are the cats active or will they be sleeping?

Our cats and kittens are super friendly, playful, and enjoy spending time with humans. However, most cats sleep up to 16 hours a day. You are likely to encounter a mix of cats playing, cats chilling, cats napping, and cats full-on sleeping! We ask that all Cat Lounge guests respect the cats’ need for sleep for their own health and well-being. This is their home, after all.

While it's hard to predict when the cats will be awake, cats tend to be most active during the first couple of hours after we open (10am-1pm) and around dusk (after 5pm). Kitties can also be very interactive during our Special Events. If you are interested in a more laid-back vibe, afternoon nap time is very relaxing and a good way to de-stress!

How many cats are at KitTea Cat Cafe?

On average, we have about 10-12 cats. 

We occasionally have cats leaving to go to their forever homes, and it can take a couple of days before a new rescue arrives. We also give the cats lots of time to acclimate to the space upon arrival, so there may be a few in our purpose-built "acclimation" room or just hanging out in the back in our "no human" zone.

How much does it cost to visit the cats for 1 hour? 


Weekday  |  Weekends  |  Happy Meower

    $20                $25                   $15

*Reservations come with bottomless cups of our loose leaf Japanese green teas and 1 hour with the cats.

Where do you get your cats?

We are fortunate to have relationships with several shelters and rescues in Northern CA, and we choose cats based on their behavior and those most in need. You'll notice that we have several black and tuxedo cats in our cat lounge, as they are the most "at risk" for euthanasia.

Do you accept volunteers?

Yes! If you are interested in volunteering and helping with KitTea's cats, please fill out our volunteer form.  We are so thankful for our paw-some volunteers who help with cat socialization, keeping the space clean, special projects, and facilitating potential adoptions. We are also always looking for foster homes in case a cat living at KitTea needs a change of pace, or scene. 

How can I best support KitTea's cats?

Cats need love, care, and attention, so simply scheduling a visit to our Cat Lounge can be just as beneficial for the cats as it is for their human counterparts.

We also request a few extra items that we have on our Amazon Wishlist. Every item purchased helps our cats!

Friends of SF Animal Care and Control is a non-profit organization created to supplement the limited city-funding of SFACC. Check out even more ways you can help pets in need by clicking here

Are kids allowed in the Cat Lounge?

Yes! Kids 9 years and older are welcome in the Cat Lounge. At least one adult (18+) needs to be present for every two children (9-12 years old) in the Cat Lounge.

Kids (and adults) of any age are welcome in the Tea Lounge, which has a huge viewing bar and window into the Cat Lounge.

Can I host a private event at KitTea Cat Cafe?

Yes, you can! KitTea Cat Cafe is a fun and unique location for parties, company off-sites, and other private events. We make the entire KitTea space (Cat Lounge + Tea Lounge) available at a fixed price per hour for up to 25 guests at a time. Visit our private events page or contact to plan your next event!

Please note: groups of 7+ are required to book the Cat Lounge as a private event.