A shortcut to happiness




KitTea Cat Cafe - Cat Lounge
96 Gough Street, San Francisco

When:  Sunday Novempurr 11th


$65/purr purrson


  • Cup of any of our signature loose leaf green teas

  • Plants and a ceramic pot

  • Cats!

Do you collect and/or obsess about both cats and plants? Does your jaw drop when you see a beautiful monstera leaf, or an adorable fluffy cat?  If you responded "yes" to any of the above questions ... you need to sign up for this first of its kind class!  For 1.5 hours you'll get to pot and take home a special plant arrangement all while learning about plants that are safe for cats, so you can confidently introduce your new floral friend to your fur friend. This class (of course) includes spending your time with cats and shopping other ameowzing plants, planters and cat centric items in our gift shop. 

Your class master: 
Jenny Kan is a bubbly, creative SF native. She got into indoor houseplants when she was working long hours in an office a jewelry buyer. One day she decided to bring a green buddy into her office liven up the place. It made such a positive difference that she decided to bring more and more plants in and spread the joy throughout the office. Quickly, everyone’s mood grew happier and work productivity increased. It was all thanks to the fresh oxygen the plants provided.  Jenny wanted to do the same for her home environment but knew it was more challenging because of the multiple cats and dogs she lives with. She was told many plants were toxic to pets but she didn’t want that to deter her from letting them both coexist. Turns out there were plenty of non-toxic, pet friendly plants out there and the solution was solved! Because of Jenny’s intense passion for plants, she quit her office job in 2017 and partnered up with Saara Reidseema of SR66 (down the block from KitTea on 66 Gough) to run a jewelry and plant boutique.