A shortcut to happiness

KitTea's Story


KitTea is the first cat cafe in San Francisco and the first established cat cafe in America. Home to 16 - 22 highly social, adorable rescue cats, our purpose is to not only save cats, but also show humans just how relaxing and heart-warming they can be.

Slow down, sip some tea, mute anxiety, and support rescue cats. 

We provide high-quality care to our permanent resident rescue felines and work with local cat rescues, including San Francisco's Animal Care and Control, Toni's Kitty Rescue, and Wonder Cat Rescue to find our featured adoptable cat(s) a forever home at each cat's own pace. Whenever possible, we go outside of the area to shelters where the kitties would otherwise be put down.


KitTea is proudly partnered with the Petco Foundation.