A shortcut to happiness

Give the Gift of KitTea

KitTea is home to 16 - 20 cats (14 permanent residents and between 2 - 6 featured adoptable cats). Canoodling with the cats is like buying a ticket to a concert, except we provide bottomless Japanese green tea. 

The adjacent Tea Lounge serves tea, coffee, and a selection of bites, which can be enjoyed on either side of the space. It doesn't require a ticket and has a huge window that looks into the Cat Lounge. Our gift store also has a wide, curated selection of cat-centric stickers, pins, shirts, toys, Pusheen, cards ... there's too many to list.

Electronic gift certificates can be be purchased by clicking above (or here).
Physical gift cards can be purchased in-store.

To Redeem

To redeem for a Cat Lounge visit, we recommend calling or emailing ahead of time to reserve a spot. To chat, ring (415) 658-7888. To send a note, please email