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Game Night

While reservations aren't required, this event typically sells out in advance.


$30 / purrson


Meowst Fridays: 8:30pm - 10:30pm


Join KitTea’s pawpular Game Night for the purrfect evening after meowrs at SF's one and only Cat Cafe! We'll purrovide the games listed below. What we can't provide is protection from what our 16 - 22 cats will do to your pieces.

Our kitchen will be closed during the event, but please feel free to come early and eat in the cafe beforehand.


  • 2 hours inside our Cat Lounge with 16 - 22 rescue kitties (normally $20 - 25 for one hour)

  • BYOG bring your favorite games and enjoy them with cats!

  • House Games:

    • The Crazy Cat Lady Game

    • Trouble

    • Sorry!

    • Parcheesi

    • Cat-O-Poly (Monopoly)

    • Joking Hazard

    • Exploding Kittens

    • Jenga

Due to the nature of this event, tickets are non-refundable and can't be rescheduled within 3 days. Thanks in advance for understanding :)

Please review our full Terms and Conditions before booking.