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Resident & Adoptable Cats

At KitTea we care for both our crew of resident rescue kitties and our adoptable kitties.

Purrr-manent Resident KitTea Kitties

The KitTea Kitty Crew was rescued from high-risk situations and are not up for adoption by individuals.

Blinx (Female) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: June 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Feisty, Cuddly, Goofy, Endearing, Loves to Give Kisses.

Bio:  Don't let this gal's lack of eyeballs fool you for a docile kitty. Blinx is as athletic and feisty as they come! She can play for hours on end and enjoys lap naps when she's finally wiped herself meowt.

Her Past:  Turned in as a little baby, had eye surgery. May have had a sick mama. May originally be from Stockton, CA.

Cheeto (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: June 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Loving, Lap Kitty, Playful, Docile, Vocal.

Bio:  Need a kitty cat on your lap after a long, stressful day at work, or school? Cheeto is your dude! He will not only give you a warm lap, but he will also give you some of the most profound purr therapy available in all of The Bay Area! ;) He also happens to be the brother and best friend of handsome Cheddar.

His Past:  Born in the peak of kitten season.


Otis (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: January 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Playful, Curious, Loving, Goofy, Professional Wrestler.

Bio:  Otis is a special boy, he had a brush with death as a young cat, but he did not let his first experience with humanity taint him forever. He is immensely friendly, loving and hilarious. His favorite past-time is wrestling with his good buddies Talulah and Steve. 

His Past:  Found in a box nearly dead, Otis has blossomed into a healthy, strong kitty that overcame a dreadful and heartbreaking past.



Steve (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: April 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  A True Aries, Out-Going, Hilarious, Vocal, The Dude, Playful, Very Sweet, Purr Machine. 

Bio:  Steve is a bit of an "eccentric." He is definitely a lazy dude, who was voted as King of the Jungle by the other resident cats in the space. His purr is loud (with healing properties) and his meow sounds like an old creepy man is meowing at you. He will charm his way into your heart and lap with his neediness for attention and affection. Want to see him awake? (this boy gets too much beauty sleep) Purchase a bag of treats at the front desk for him! 

His Past:  From a feral colony in Tracy, CA 

Buffy (Female) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: May 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Very Playful, Sweet, Soft Coat, Loves Snake Toy.

Bio: This soft coated baby will run circles around you when she's awake and then completely pass out in a cat coma and like clock-work will 100% energetically restored to her original wackiness. 

Her Past: Found as a stray near SFSU/Stonestown 



Ginny (Female) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: July 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Sweet, Docile, Loving, Lap Napper. 

Bio:  Ginny is a rare kitty, because she is an orange female. Only 20% of orange tabbies are female.  Beyond being rare, she is a real gem. She is curious and will play with you in a gentle and docile manner.  She can also sense a calm and warm lap a mile away, so don't be too surprised if you get a Ginny in your lap.  Ginny is the sister and best friend of Ron.

Her Past:  Feral Colony.

Shiloh (Female) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: May 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Very Playful, May Come off Timid at First, Warms Up Quickly, Loves Sleepy Time Pets.

Bio: Meet Shiloh! She's Buffy's best friend and sister and though she might come off timid when approached at first, she will warm up to a calm disposition and warm lap quite quickly! She enjoys playing with the snake toys in the space (she's a natural hunter) and she also loves to cuddle with a human, or cat when she's ready to nap the afternoon away.

Her Past:  Found as a stray near SFSU/Stonestown 

Burger (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: June 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Playful, Adventurous, Curious, Confident, Loving.

Bio: Burger is a handsome boy in his tuxedo. He's energetic and active, zooming from one end of the lounge to the other, chasing bubbles, or wrestling with his "lil sis", Blinx. In his mellow moments, he loves to sleep on the hanging chair. He is also a bit of a shoulder cat and likes to be held by his humans. Burger is Purrresident of the KitTea Kitty Welcoming Committee - he is always first to calmly say hello to the new arrivals and let them know it is all going to be okay!

His Past: It's a mystery how such an all-around good cat ended up in the city shelter system. Tuxedos are some of the least adopted cats, so we're happy to have him safe and happy with all his fur-iends here at KitTea Cat Cafe!

Cheddar (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: June 2016

Purr-sonality Traits: Friendly, Reserved, Warms-up, Playful. 

Bio: Cheddar is the brother and best friend of Cheeto. Cheddar is a very sweet boy and though he comes off reserved when you first meet him, if you catch him at nap time, he loves nothing more than to receive chin scratches and belly rubs. You wont be able to get enough of this boy's purr and love!

His Past: Born in the peak of kitten season.


Ron (Male) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: July 2016

Purr-sonality Traits: Talkative, Sweet, Docile, Loving, Big Ham. 

Bio:  Ron is quite the personality. He will politely meow at you to either pet him, or pick him up and cradle him in your arms, but he also has a very fun and feisty side, where he will want to play until he can play no longer.  He will run the wheel for treats! Ron is the brother and best friend of Ginny.

His Past:  Feral Colony.



Talulah (Female) - Resident Kitty

Birthday: May 2016

Purr-sonality Traits:  Very Social, Easy-Going, Friendly, Loving, Cuddly. 

Bio:  Talulah is such a sweet little gal! She has the same regal looks as an Egyption goddess cat, but has the playful and sweet disposition of the perfect domestic house cat. 

Her Past:  Found as a stray. 
She may have been previously owned. She was already spayed when brought to the shelter but did not have microchip.


Featured Adoptable Cat(s)

At KitTea, we believe that a cat makes a house a home. Being able to play a role in saving cats from at-risk situations and finding furrever homes is our passion project so we are pleased to be partnered with local Wonder Cat Rescue to feature an adoptable cat (or two!) at a time. 

Please note:

  • Our cat selection may/will vary!
  • This means we may not always have an adoptable cat available, especially after one finds their furever home (yay!) and/or while a new kitty is acclimating.
  • The good mews is that a shelter near you always has an abundant supply of deserving and sweet cats so we encourage you to check our your local shelter and/or rescue during your search.
  • Given the nature of adoptions, we may not be able to keep an updated list of available cats online. Feel free to check in with us before you make a Cat Lounge reservation.
  • Sadly, we cannot accept cats directly. If you need to surrender a cat, check in with your local Animal Care and Control and/or reach out to your extended network.


If you've visited KitTea and met an adoptable cat you love, please check meow't WCR's website to apply directly. WCR will be in contact with you if it might be a purrfect match. We may not be fully updated on the adoption status so please follow up with WCR directly regarding your application.


Adopt, don't shop!