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In Loving Memory of Aunt Gail

KitTea CatsAkiko Iwamizu1 Comment

Aunt Gail

(circa 2002 - August 24, 2017)

It is with a very heavy heart that we report that Aunt Gail passed away this morning. Aunt Gail fought her battle with cancer with grace and a joy for life, and she outlived her life expectancy by 2 + months. She is/was a very special cat and we are filled with love when we think back on all of the lives she touched and the love she received from others.

Aunt Gail arrived at KitTea early this summer and truly made our cat cafe her home. She was our fastest acclimating cat in the space and she quickly claimed our suspended, furry swing as her personal throne. We look back fondly on her super loud and talkative attitude as she tried to get our attention to listen to her many life stories. While we don’t know much about her life before KitTea, we can only imagine it was full. She had lots to teach us!

From time to time, we would catch many of our resident kitties cuddling with Aunt Gail while she napped in her favorite swing/throne. Her favorite method of cuddling was taking her booty and squishing it against her cuddler’s head! These sweet and hilarious moments will remain in the memories of all who came to love her.

She was our first “old lady” hospice cat and we are thankful that she was able to live out the end of her long life full of pets, belly rubs, chit-chatting, eating, and purring. She left us sooner than we would have liked, but she was an independent lady who did things in her own time. She passed away surrounded by her loved ones from the KitTeam and her loving vet, Dr. Kelly.

Aunt Gail will be missed dearly, but we know that she’s in a better place now and that she went on her own terms. Thank you, Gail, for the stories and the lap loving. We wish you lots of wet food and snuggles over the Rainbow Bridge.