A shortcut to happiness

KitTea Cat Cafe does more than provide space,
we provide benefits to cats.

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Relief for stressed cats and humans

Here, at KitTea Cat Cafe, we believe that all cats are adoptable, which is why we built this beautiful, zen space to allow cats (and humans) to show their true personalities. Cats are independent and very social creatures. Much like all of us, they need love, affection, and a space to call home. 

Most cats are not able to handle the stress of living in cages at a shelter. Cats can shut down and become unfriendly and aggressive, which can also make them seem “un-adoptable.” These cats have an uncertain future and can either be left in cages for long periods of time in the hopes that a rescue takes them or, worse case, they await euthanasia.

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How KitTea Cat Cafe helps benefit cats

Here is where our pawesome KitTea Cat Cafe comes into play! We rescue cats and bring them to San Francisco's KitTea, which acts as a foster home where cats are re-socialized and have a cage-free and loving environment while they await adoption or if they win the cat lotto, they live at KitTea as permanent sanctuary cats. The cats have the opportunity to shine and be independent, friendly, and cuddly companions to humans. All of our cats are sociable, happy, and healthy.

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World class cat staff and volunteers

Our knowledgeable and supportive staff care for the cats, providing premium quality food and nutrition. We make sure our cats have the best of everything. By visiting KitTea you are supporting the health and well-being of rescue cats and taking part in a new movement that allows cats and humans alike to share a connection in a safe and loving environment.

In addition to our ameowzing staff, we also have equally ameowzing volunteers and partnerships with cat shelters, veterinarians and rescues that help keep the space clean and inviting.

Love cats, tea and waffles? Interested in a job at KitTea? Check out our open jobs. We are always looking for cat-lovers to join our Kit-Team!