How many cats will there be?

Research suggests no more than 10 cats at a time for group-living situations.  We will be following the guidelines and standards of care from The Association of Shelter Veterinarians.


Where will the cats come from?

We will be partnering with a local San Francisco cat rescue, which will determine cats that are an appropriate fit for the cafe.   


How many people will be allowed at a time?

This really depends on the space we end up leasing.  We are hoping to lease a minimum of 1,600 square feet, which would allow 30-35 people in the kitty tea lounge at a time. The space will never be crowded or chaotic.


Will this environment be stressful for the cats?

Our resident cats will be selected based on their personalities and whether they have been socialized to be comfortable around both humans and other cats. We will also have a period of introduction, so the cats can get used to one another's scents, general presence, and so on. Any new cat will have a slow introduction to the current cats living at KitTea. The space will also be laid out in such a way that each cat will have numerous areas to make their own territory. There will also be a separate, “feline’s only” area for cats to rest in apart from humans.


The reality is, that our cat oasis will be the ultimate nirvana in comparison to being left in a cage with an uncertain future, which is their fate if they are left at a city shelter. Everyone connected to this project is a devoted cat parent and animal defender. We truly want what is best for the cats.   


How will you prevent the spread of disease?

We have a feline vet and feline behaviorist who will be advising us along the way.  One of our main priorities is knowing that we are practicing healthy routines and cleanliness for the cats.  All cats will have a clean bill of health, along with being current on all vaccines and spayed/neutered before entrance to the cafe. Our tea prep is in an entirely separate room as the kitty tea lounge and will be up to the healthy standards of San Francisco's Food Safety Program.

Are you taking advantage of the cats?

No; the well-being of the cats comes far before the business of tea. This is a passion project that is very close to our hearts. A percentage of our proceeds will be going towards the cats and their daily care, and we will be working hard to responsibly find each cat a happy home -- one that is a good fit for both human and feline.  


Where will the tea house be located? 

We are still in the process of scouting and negotiating potential spaces in desirable neighborhoods. Like us on Facebook and message us if you hear of a space you think we should check out. 


When will KitTea open its doors?

That really depends on the sort of renovations that will be needed for our chosen space.  We are really hoping for summer 2014.


What are best practices for keeping the cats happy?